How can respondents receive an email notification with their results and not just the score

  • 15 November 2022
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I would like that the quiz respondents receive an email with the content of the Ending slide according to their score.

At the moment they can receive an email with just their score (@score), but not with the meaning of that score that is reflected in the proper ending slide. There are 3 types of endings (like 0-4, 5-8 and 9-16; the score results by adding up the points according to their answers)

How  can I insert in the email the ending slide text?





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4 replies

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Hi @PPP In order to send the endings, you need to be using an outcome quiz. Once you have your form set as an outcome quiz, this article here can walk you through setting up respondent notifications. 😀



It’s not my actual question, appears that I didn’t explain myself clearly.

The thing is that I want to share with each person in an e-mail their result and not just the score, in an automatic way.

So the options that appear in the notification @something doesn’t allow to share their result with a nice design.

Because depending on their score they will have a different result, with a proper explanation and that is not possible.

How can I in the email notification to send their results and not just the score?

I hope now is clear.





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@PPP - one solution that might work is to do the following: 

  • connect your typeform to Google Sheets
  • create a ‘template’ in either Google  Docs or Slides
  • use an add-on like Document Studio to merge the incoming data record into the template, create a pdf and mail it to the respondent 

That will allow you to design your output report the way that you want and to leverage the ability to integrate other data/text using Google to do lookups based on the data from the typeform .. 



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Hi @PPP did the solution above work for you? Let us know! 😀