How do I send multiple personalised surveys in bulk?

  • 26 November 2021
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Hi there,

I need to personalise and send a survey 200+ customers.

Each of the surveys is personalised with “fname” and “sname”.

At the moment I am sending individual emails to each customer and having to copy and change a personalised link to each one. It takes forever!

Is there an easier way to do this? Maybe using an integration with an email client or database?

Thanks for your help,





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2 replies

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Hi @keirmather Welcome to the community from a fellow user.

I would suggest using Mailchimp for send lots of surveys at once. In addition to personalizing the customer name you can even embed the first question of your typeform in the email body, and this usually boost the responses. And if you connect your Typeform to Mailchimp, you can automatically send the respondent’s email to your audience in Mailchimp, making possible to include them in your future surveys. Hope it helps!

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Hi @keirmather Hope you’re having a fantastic Friday! Were you able to get the forms sent in bulk?