how to display a preview link of the image containing the custom link with variables ?

  • 25 May 2022
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When I share a personalized link on the Linkedin chat, the preview image link is not the same. it does not contain the name and id (personalizations). Do you know how to solve this problem?


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Hi @greg-ki Happy Wednesday! Have you edited the meta settings here? If so, you may just need to wait for LinkedIn to update the information on their end. 

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Thank you very much for your answer, it's great to have your support @Liz .

yes the preview link is well personalized and Linkedin takes into account the change of metadata but not the variable elements such as the first name and the name of the company.

Do you have any idea about this specific point, it is also related to the Linkedin delay?


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Hi @greg-ki 

If you want to test out how your links will preview on Linkedin you could use their tool Post Inspector

Looking at your form, the hidden fields to personalize the experience with the customer’s name and specialty should be taken into account when you recall them in the typeform. (learn more about recall here)

But the meta image and the title of the form are static, they will be the same for everybody regardless of the hidden fields you pass.

Does it make sense?

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Thank you very much for your advice @picsoung , yes it makes sense.

I think I followed all the recommendations because the forms are personalized and contain mentions in the text, these remain empty when the lead clicks the preview link but appears fine when they click the fetched link. The question now for me is how to change the structure of the preview link, it is on this point that I won der if everything has been done correctly. Because the post inspector indicates 2 different url.

Do you have any idea about this detail?


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Have you got a idea @Liz 

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@greg-ki - I have tried in the past to do what you are attempting and to do it automatically ie have it change the preview link to include “dynamic” variables generated from the typeform doesn’t work. 

LinkedIn seems to “disallow” passing of variables as this is a way that malicious code could be entered into systems. You would have to check with LinkedIn to see what restrictions and limitations there are on what  you are trying to do.. (I gave up trying to figure it out about 6 months ago as LinkedIn was not being that responsive)