How to move a personal Typeform to a personal account?

  • 7 November 2023
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One of my coworker created a questionnaire on her personal unpaid Typeform plan.

We would like now to move it to the “business plan”, can you please assist on how to shuffle things around without having to create a new Typeform from scratch?


thanks a lot.



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5 replies

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Hi @CERAN Welcome to the community! This article here can walk you through moving typeforms between accounts and workspaces. 😀

Hello everyone!

I need help: I created a typeform for my company, but I logged in using my personal company email. However, I recently found out we actually have a general company account with a basic subscription. How can I move my typeform to the company account? 


I can’t “move to” or “copy to” and if I try individually copying and pasting each slide, after only a couple of slides I’m unable to paste it. I think there must be a limit to how many times I can paste something. But this is very frustrating! Can someone help me to figure out how I can move this typeform to the correct account?


Thank you!

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Hi @Okho24 I’ve moved your post here where we have more information on how to move typeforms between accounts. 😁

Thanks for your answer @Liz . The thing is my company only has the basic subscription. I don’t think this makes it possible for me to join their workspace + move my typeform over to there – correct? 

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Hi @Okho24 If you’re not sharing a workspace with them, most likely not, but if you want to reach out to our support team here, they can verify which plan you’re on to be certain!