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  • 20 May 2021
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I want to email a link to my survey for only my students to complete and I don't want the survey public for anyone to respond to. Is this possible and does public actually mean just that?


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3 replies

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Hi @APT Welcome to the community! Once the form has been published, anyone that has the link can access the form. While we don’t have a way to restrict who can view the link, if you have only a few emails you’re sending the form to, you can create logic jumps to prevent those that don’t have that email from answering. 

Or, if you’re sending to a large group of people, you could provide them with a passphrase to answer with and anyone without that passphrase wouldn’t be able to answer. 

If you like either of these options, let me know, and I can create a video to walk you through how to set that up!

Thank you Liz, As i only need a feedback survey completed by no more than 15 people per month probably the best option would be the logic jumps.


Thanks very much.

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The logic would definitely work for that, especially if you know which emails you’ll be sending it to in advance. I made a video below to walk you through how to setup these jumps. :) 



Let me know if you have any troubles setting them up!