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  • 18 November 2021
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Our team used to create multiple trackable links to forms so that we could easily A/B test our form sharing and see which platforms generated most engagement with our audiences. It was great to have a way to do this that doesn’t require complex UTM setup. 

It seems this feature no longer exists, but I hope I’m wrong! Is it hidden somewhere?


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2 replies

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Hi @RachelD Welcome to the community! We haven’t had a feature that would create multiple URLs for the same Typeform, but did they by chance add a hidden field to the form and populate that accordingly? 

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@RachelD to extend what @Liz mentioned, you could turn on the UTM tracking in the Typeform, it is a toggle switch and publish the form. the shareable link has the following added to the ‘generic’ link to the typeform: 


what you would need to do is to append this string to the link in the source points and replace the xxxxx strings with the appropriate text ie utm_source=emailA or utm_source=emailB … 

(i ignored the campaign there but you should get the idea)

That is a simple way to have multiple sources pointing at the same typeform. 

the utm_source variable is submitted to the results when the user completes the form. 

if you are doing the same to a surveymonkey form or a landing page, you can do the same utm_source .. not really that difficult from a typeform perspective. 

just a thought