Loop survey at an event

  • 31 January 2023
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I want to set up a survey station at an event so that participants can walk up and take the survey and the survey will go back to the beginning and be ready for the next person to take the survey. Can someone tell me how to accomplish this? I have tried searching for answers but have not known the best words to use to phrase it correctly!




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3 replies

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Hi @WT TNRL The post below may help! 


@Liz  thanks for leading me to that - I knew I wouldn’t be alone with this type of request! Would love to have a way for that to be integrated since it will be a little more complicated to have to give that extra set of instructions to folks running the events when their tech skills are limited to begin with. But we shall see how it works! Thank you again!

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Let us know how that workaround goes for you, @WT TNRL !