Multiple endings and unlimited use of logic in free plan. Is not working


Good afternoon, it was announced the change of the parameters of the free plan, however I can't have an outcome quiz with 3 different endings with the logic set between the endings and the answers?





However, in the table below it states that I have unlimited use of logic and multiple endings. Can you clarify?




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@Silvia Osório - welcome to the community - 

a quick question: how many questions and endings do you have in your typeform? the welcome screen and each ending that you use, along with the questions, are part of the 10-question limit to the typeform.

so, for example, if you had a welcome screen, 10 questions and 3 endings, you would have a total of 14 - more than than the ‘10 question’ limit that the free plan allows. 



This question was not the one I asked. I have 7 questions with 3 more endings, completing 10. It is not indicated there that there is an unlimited questions problem.That's not the problem, so I don't understand why I can't publish.

Could you help me?

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could you show screen shots of your question list and the logic flow map please and thank you.. that will help  - sorry it has to be step-wise but this is a peer support group, that has Typeform employees who are in here Mon-Fri to help out… 




Sorry, I didn't mean to be rude. My English is not good enough.

Here is the list of questions.





Is very simple!!


Thank you a lot. 


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Thanks for posting.. what i saw is as follows: 

you have 11 “questions” in the list .. that may be the issue.

to find out if there is anything else, you can also raise a support ticket here at this link to get another set of eyes looking at the issue.. 



Thank you John,But the Number 1 is the cover page. Is the cover page included in the total of questions?

Kind regards

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yes it is.. 


Thanks John. I already removed one question (I had 6 questions, a cover page and 3 different results) to get a total of 10, but it still gives the same errors and doesn't let me publish without upgrading. I have already sent a request for technical help. Thank you very much for your assistance.

I’m having the exact same issue. Logic not working on the free plan. Please help.


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Hi @nixelpixel Thanks for stopping by. Can you share a little more about what’s not working with your logic and any screenshots of the logic jumps? Thanks!

I’m having the same issue, none of my endings are working except one - and the redirect is working but the redirect is all the same - I also have a paid plan


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Hi @EricaWorkman Can you share a bit more about your form, such as screenshots of the logic you have set up and what specifically isn't working with the endings? Thanks!