Need your feedback on my typeform please

  • 18 July 2022
  • 3 replies

Hey Community, 


I really need your feedback on my first Typeform.  Anything I could do better. 




3 replies

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Happy Monday, @divj234 ! Thanks for sharing your form. 😀 I tested it up until the ‘submit’ button so you don’t lose a response, but what is the form for? Is this for your business or to share between friends? That’ll help me know how to best give feedback! 

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Hey @divj234! I did as well! Are you trying to create mentoring programs? Make sure to give us more details on what's your objective so we can give a more complete feedback! 😊

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Hey @divj234 

This is a great typeform :)
What will you do with the data collected? how are you matching people after?

Answering these questions can help find the best way to ask questions.

Also now that you have nailed all the questions, you could spend some time making this typeform a bit more personal by personalizing its design.

You could also make the questions more conversational using Recall .