Pasting Code in MailChimp doesn't work

  • 9 October 2021
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I just get an error like this every time:

I’m just testing a one question multiple choice survey.

I can’t seem to raise a support request. Perhaps because I’m not on a paid account. But if this function doesn’t work, there’s no value in getting a paid account. 

Is there something simple I’ve overlooked or does this function just not work (I see it is Beta).




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4 replies

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Hi @Archie Welcome to the community! Usually this error occurs when you are adding the Typeform email code with other code in the email. How are you adding the Typeform to your Mailchimp email? If you aren’t already, you’ll want to be sure that the only code in your email is the Typeform email embed code. 

Any screenshots you can provide of the code you’re adding would be handy! 

Hello Liz, 


I have the exact same problem. I did upgrade on typeform and mailchimp to use this function and it is not working at all. I paste only the typeform code. I spent so much time yesterday trying to understand why it was not working. It is seems that the code is broke somehow. It is frustrating!

Can you help?


Thanks !

Hello Community!


Is there anyone that can help with this particular issue please?



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@ACF - can you please post a screen shot of the error and of the code that you are pasting in to the email? that will help us troublehoot. 


in the meantime, you can also create a Support Ticket at this link - that way you will have two vectors of support.