Reasons why you may not be able to publish your form

Reasons why you may not be able to publish your form
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Hello Community! 


I'm writing today to offer some clarity about the possible reasons why you may not be able to publish your form. 


When you get an error message while trying to publish your form, it often means that you're using a feature that isn't included in your current plan. The message would look similar to this one: 

The solution is simple enough: if you remove that specific feature or upgrade to a plan that includes it, then you'll be able to publish the form! :) 


The good news is that Typeform will always tell you the reason and the feature that stops you from publishing your form. In case you're still unclear, see below a bit more detail about these:


Unlimited questions 

The free plan offers 10 questions per form. However, the ending and statements count as questions so make sure you count them too. If this is the case, remove the additional questions and you'll be able to publish your form. :) 


Remove branding 

The option to remove Typeform Branding is available for Plus plans and higher only. If you're on a different plan, this wouldn't be available for you. 


Respondent notifications / Payment question  / Redirect on Thank You Screen

These features are available for paid plans. Free plans wouldn't be able to use them. 


For more details about this topic, visit this Help Center article


We hope this is clear but if you still have questions, feel free to post here and we'll be happy to help. 🤩

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@minnanews - you should be able to do a screen shot on a laptop by doing Alt+PrtSc combination 

if you are trying to remove the Typeform branding - which is what puts “powered by Typeform” in the corner of the screen, then YES do have to go to a higher plan in order to remove that.- see the image below.. is that what you are seeing, or something similar?



Yes, it looks like that in the picture and I don’t mind it. I just thought it might block me from publishing and that’s why I tried to put it off.

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Hm, without being able to see the issue, it’s difficult to say what might be causing the problem, @minnanews . If you’re not able to share a screenshot, it would be best to contact our support team directly here, as they can log into your account.