Redirect button or after ending doesnt work when embeded



I have seen a few similar posts, but none quite the same or helped me solve the issues.


I have a simple survey that leads to an ending and has embedded this into my wix site. The survey works fine, but the redirect URL link I have set doesn't do anything when I get to the end.


When I test the survey through the Typeform site, it works perfectly and redirects. Just when embedded, it doesn't work anything happens when you click the button. 


The same applies if I auto-redirect with no button. It doesn't go to the URL. It just stays on the survey. Below is the URL I want to send the leads to after clicking the button on my ending


I have a plus plan 




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Hi @Krasy23 Can you share the URL where you have the form embedded so we can test this? Thanks!

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Hey @Krasy23! How are you doing today? 

Make sure to send us the URL where you have your form embedded so we can take a look at it and try to help you. Looking forward to hearing back from you! 😊

Was there ever a solution to this problem. I see to be having the same issue with my Ending Button embedded in my Wix Site, doesn’t work but from my IG Link tree or directly in Typeform, it does.

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Hi @Dany Spencer I believe Wix has a restriction on redirecting from code, so it may be best to reach out to their support team for further help, if you haven’t already.