Typeform Embed Displaying on Desktop but not Mobile

  • 9 December 2022
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Hello, I created a typeform and embedded it on our website. The embed works perfectly on the desktop but when I go to the mobile site, I press the button to start the quiz and the embed disappears. I’ve played around with the code using suggestions from the FAQ’s with no luck. Any solutions to this? 


The URL is


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2 replies

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Hi @allissacorak Thanks for stopping by the community! I’m also seeing the form disappear when I click in it. How are you embedding the form on your website? 

Adding @mathio here in case he spots anything!

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It looks like for some reason your embed code is inside an <iframe>. On mobile when you start your typeform it resizes to be fullscreen for best respondent experience. However the parent iframe (the one that wraps the embed code) is not resized correctly and therefore the typeform is hidden:

I’d suggest not to embed inside an iframe like this. If you need to do it, then you need to resize the iframe manually.

Alternatively you could try using data-tf-inline-on-mobile attribute. See more on this in our help center article here: