Unable to open the typeform

I had shared one of the typeforms with our customer. It seemed to have worked fine upto last week. 
But as of this week, they are getting the error -

What could be the reason? It opens on my end perfect.

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Hi @almabase Thanks for stopping by the community! What is the URL you’re sharing? It should look something like this:

Hi @Liz , Yes that’s how the URL looks.
It is something like

We have been using it for a while now. We are asking the customer to check the network security set up on their end.

Probably that could be causing that but we haven’t heard back.

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Hi @almabase Hm, I think you might be missing part of the URL. If you haven’t already, I’d follow the steps below to copy/paste the URL from the builder directly, which then shouldn’t cause that issue!