Using Google Sheets to populate hidden fields

  • 20 January 2023
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Hello there, 
I have a question regarding the use of Google Sheets in combination with Typeform hidden fields. 
The Project Management team wants to evaluate projects, that are all listed in a Google Sheet containing information like: Name of the project, description and goals. 
As there a quiet a lot, I would like to use hidden fields to create links that has the information from specific cells in the url. 
What I did: 
I created hidden fields in Typeform.

  • name
  • description
  • goal

I published the survey form and the result is:

So within the “xxxxxx” I want to be placed the info of the following cells: 
name: d7
description: e7
goal: f7

I tried it with the hyperlink funktion, but I get errors. 
It would be so great if someone can help me with that.

Best regards,

3 replies

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Hi @Wildling Shoes Thanks for stopping by the community! I’m not familiar with Google Sheet’s hyperlinking function ( @john.desborough may be!), though I believe you will need to manually input all of that information into the URLs. 

Do you have a screenshot of the error Google Sheets gave? 

Dear @Liz ,
thank you for your reply. 
It simply says: “Formula parse error.”

Best regards,

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Hi @Wildling Shoes It sounds like this might be an issue with Google Sheets, but would you mind sending a screen recording of what you’re trying to do? This will help us understand the issue better!