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  • 4 August 2021
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I want to use typeform for my clients (Real estate agent), I use a software (however does not have integration with Zapier or any app). I’m looking to use Typeform to build questionnaire forms for Home buyer leads for my clients. How do I give them access so they can see the responses from the specific questionnaires I made for them (while hiding the rest of the questionnaires I made for my other clients)? I hope I made sense


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6 replies

Hi @bibo! Welcome to the community from another user:relaxed:

I did something similar in the past creating a report (Results→Summary→Generate a report) and sharing the report link to different people. Do you think this can do the trick?

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@bibo - from another user as well.. 


what @Paulo said is the native way to do to this. you can also integrate/connect your typeforms to google sheets and either create customized reports for each client or give them access to the google sheet as appropriate so they can see their data


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I appreciate the responses @Paulo and @john.desborough. Yes, I think I’ll integrate them with Google Sheets to start. I’ll have to see what CRM’s they use so I can decide which of the majority can use and which would be easier for me to connect their typeform results to.

Thanks all!

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Hi @bibo Were you able to get your forms connected to Google Sheets? :grinning:

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Hi @Liz!


Yes, I was able to connect them and had different google worksheet for each client and have shared access to each one. So far so good. :thumbsup:

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Ah perfect, glad to hear @bibo ! Thanks for the update, and let us know if you think of any other questions!