What does response mean in Typeform? Number of individual users responding to a survey, or number of questions answered?

  • 5 May 2022
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  1. Apologies if I’m missing a really obvious FAQ that answers this question, but I’d love clarity on what respondent means in Typeform.  

I’m used to using competitor software where response limits = number of individuals who answer the survey.  So on the basic plan you could send your survey to 10 people to fill in, no matter how many questions are in the survey.

However, I seem to have hit my limit before then, so I’m wondering if each answer to each question is considered a response?!!   Meaning one survey of 10 questions answered by one person would use up all the free responses.

  1. Also, does Typeform log someone who starts a survey, but never finishes it, as a response (or log their saved, but not submitted answers, as responses)?

Thanks to anyone who can help clarify this.   


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Hi @Survey User Happy Friday! Ask all the questions you’d like!

A response is considered a response once the submit button is clicked, so regardless of how many questions you have on your form, each submission only counts as one. 

The responses do count across your entire account, so if you have one form with 5 submissions and another with 6, you’d be at 11. 

As for the partial responses, you can see more about this on the posts below. (We’re looking for customer feedback on a new feature!)