Why does my survey show closed?

  • 1 March 2021
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I have an active survey, but when I use the link it shows to send out, it says the survey is closed. I did not do that, how can I make it open/active again?


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5 replies

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Hi @AnnaPMAventi. Welcome to the Typeform Community! 🤩


Here you can check why this happened and also toggle the access to your forms again: 



Let us know how it goes! :) 

Thank you so much!!! 

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My pleasure, Anna! I'm happy to help :hugging:

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Four people haven’t completed the survey in time so I am resending to them by email (one person said when she tried the initial link that she got the message that it was closed. I checked and I don’t have that function on. My main question  is how do I resend the survey? When I did, they say they can only get to the first page.

THanks! Is there a helpdesk contact at Typeform?!


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Hey @Juditha. Welcome to the Typeform Community! :hugging:


I moved your question here so you can check the content above to understand why this happened and also how to toggle the access to your forms again. 


Once your form is opened, you can resend your form by email or any way you like. 


If it's necessary, you can contact the support team here. But the community team is always happy to help! Please count on us to help with any query you have. :)