Client Keeps Getting Logged Out

  • 26 October 2023
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We have a VideoAsk that’s 5 blocks (20 pages) and is around 20 minutes long. One of our clients has been logged out after finishing the 4th block/video and then they’re taken to the ending screen. They haven’t been able to view that 5th video yet. 


Just wondering if anyone else had a similar problem or if there’s any reason this could be happening? 



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4 replies

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Hi @SA Institute Do you mind sharing the URL and which question specifically they’re being kicked out of the VideoAsk from? Thanks in advance!


Here’s the VideoAsk: 


They got kicked out after finishing question 4, and after logging back in, it took them to the end screen instead of question 5.

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Hey @SA Institute thanks for sharing your form! I went through it (apologies that you’ll get my test response!)

I was able to go through everything, so it doesn’t look like there is an overall issue with not being able to complete the videoask. I wonder whether something happened when they got to step 4, either they clicked out of the browser page or they had to go away and come back to it after a period of time and this caused the videoask to time out and start again. At the moment videoask doesn’t have a setting where it will pick up where you left off, so it needs to be completed all in one go otherwise it will send you back to the start. 

It could be worth adding something into the first step to explain that when completing the videoask it’s good to know it will take around 20 minutes and that you should attempt to complete it all in one go. That way your clients can prepare themselves for what’s ahead maybe? 

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@SA Institute definitely recommend sharing the estimated time! I’ve had this happen with a few clients and have added it to the emails now that they should prepare X amount of time for the form. It’s helped a lot with the whole refresh issue if they leave or take too long. 😂