Feature request: unique invitation links that can only be used once

  • 24 February 2022
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I’m looking for a way within VideoAsk to invite people to answer a VA with a unique invitation link, that they can only use once.

So the idea is that we only have to record the VA once, but instead of sharing the general VA link we create unique links to share with specific people that expire once they completed it (to prevent that people can submit it twice).

This way we won’t have to duplicate the VA - and all responses come in in the same place.

This would be interesting for use cases like those below:

  • Tests (exams)
  • Applications
  • Payed services, for example like Cameo

6 replies

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Hey @Harold ! First up, welcome to the community, very happy to have you over here!

This is a really interesting feature request, at the moment it’s not possible to create unique urls to send out but I have added it to our feature request board so it may well get considered for the road map in the future :fingers_crossed:

I was chatting to @andrew_videoask about some possible workarounds, he had an idea to create a database to store respondent emails which would automatically check responses that come through the videoask and delete those that have already been submitted - not sure if this would work in all use cases you mentioned but could be something to explore :thinking:

Let me know if you have any other questions or thoughts on this! 

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Thanks @Grace!

Yeah, that might be a good workaround for starters. I believe that it’s currently not possible yet to set up conditional logic based on custom variables, but would be happy to try that later

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Yep at the moment it’s not possible to set up logic based on variables, but this is something that’s already on the feature request board and I know it’s a popular request so it may get added to the roadmap :fingers_crossed:


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@Grace The new password feature seems like a first step into this direction. Are you planning to add more functionalities to this, towards the use case above?

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Hey @Harold great question, I know there are plans to keep developing this feature, I’m asking the product team if there’s a possibility that they’ll be looking into unique URLs too 🤞 

Will keep you posted!

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Great, thanks!