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  • 17 June 2022
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Hi.  I want to post my Video Ask into Miro using the iFrame.  It posts on the Miro board, I can watch the first video, but the buttons in the Video Ask don’t work, which means I can’t go to the next video.  Has anyone had this same problem?


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Hi @BenS this is an interesting one, I’ve never tried to embed a videoask onto a Miro board, will do a bit of testing to see what’s going on here!


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Hey @BenS are you using the open-ended answer type at all during your videoask flow?

I’ve tested a couple of different embeds in Miro, the videoask I had that is just using multiple choice answer type works within the embed, but the videoask with an open-ended answer type brings up the the Reply button which usually means videoask is having trouble accessing camera and microphone permissions from the device, or the website doesn’t have a secure SSL certificate to run the videoask. 

We have found with some platforms, the iframe embed gets placed in a box which blocks the ability to allow camera and microphone permissions (these are pre-set on the embed code) I’ve reached out to Miro to find out if there’s a work around, I think it might be a feature request for them, but I’ll let you know what I hear back!

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@Grace Thanks Grace.  I’ve included a video screenshot showing what I was trying to do.  Maybe it will help. 

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Hey @BenS that’s awesome thanks, I was experiencing the same thing when I tried embedding. 

When you use a videoask that has an open-ended answer type (where someone can respond to your videoask in video, audio or text) like the template one, VideoAsk needs to be able to access the camera and mic permissions of the device for this function to work. Those permissions make up part of the embed code:


We have found that on some platforms, the embed sits in some kind of box which blocks these permissions, so I believe that’s what’s happening here. I’ve put in a request to Miro to check this so let’s see what they say.


If you were to embed a videoask that doesn’t use this answer type, you’d be able to click through all the buttons as expected:


Hopefully that makes sense! I’ll let you know if I hear back from Miro about this one 😁


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Hey @BenS 

I’ve had an update from Miro. They’ve said in order to be able to record a video or audio response on the videoask whilst it’s embedded in a board, VideoAsk would need to have a direct integration with Miro (fingers crossed that will happen in the future!) 

In the meantime, if you hover over the reply button on the embedded videoask, you’ll notice the URL for the videoask appears in the bottom left corner:

You can open the videoask in a new tab and begin interacting with it by holding command (Mac) or control (Windows) and clicking on the reply button.


Would love to hear a bit more about your use case if you’re up for sharing, and hopefully we’ll have a native integration with Miro in the future 🙏

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Thanks @Grace for the quick response.  The use cases I was thinking of with a Miro board are the following:

  • For my asynchronous workshops, after I have participants go through it all, I may have a Video Ask in the last section that asks for their feedback.  If they have questions, it could be an easy way for me to follow-up with them later.
  • For my asynchronous workshops, I may use Video Ask as a formative and summative assessment.  So, for example, I may have them record for me their 30-second “elevator speech” for job interviews - one at the beginning of the workshop, and one after they complete the workshop/activities in Miro.  This will be a way to help me determine if they’ve improved that skill.
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Hi @BenS 

Thanks for sharing how you’re thinking of using VideoAsk with Miro - such a great idea I hadn’t thought to include it for feedback on a board! I’ve passed this over to our product team as an integrations request, will definitely let you know if any changes are able to be made to the embed functionality.

Thanks so much 😁