Using VideoAsk in email for everyday comms, not just marketing

  • 24 February 2023
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Some of my team is 7h ahead, and I love video for high-fidelity comms. I’m fishing for tips. I’m a new user and I’m recording videos and sending via Google workspace emails and then fielding responses in VideoAsk.. Is there a slicker way?



1 reply

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Hey @tiresidedown welcome to the community! 

Great to hear you’re using VideoAsk for async conversations. If you’re wanting to send individual messages to people, you could try using the Direct Message feature in VideoAsk. They’ll still be notified via email that they have a message from you, but you can add in their contact details to your VideoAsk contast list and then record and send a video message without needing to create a videoask and send it via email. 

Hope that helps, but let us know if you’ve got more questions or come up with some other solutions 😊