10 Responses for Free - What a Joke!

  • 3 November 2021
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The “new” free plan is useless.  Ten responses per month.  What a joke!  Basically, type form is saying that virtually everyone needs to have a paid subscription.  

I used type form once or twice a year to get free back from a group of teenagers that I mentor as a volunteer.  There are 15-20 people in the group.  As a free user I was happy to advertise type form to this group and their parents.  

Now, I will need to look for a different service.  

1 reply

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Hello @Tonydavid! I hope you're having a nice day. :slight_smile:

We're sorry for your frustration and we understand this change in the free plan can be a bit of a stretch, however, on the bright side you have much more functionalities for free. We included lots of previously paid features and integrations into the new free plan, the idea is that you can demo and explore more of the available functionality before deciding if the product suits your needs. 

To alleviate your response limit problem, you can test your forms in the Preview mode instead, that way you only use up the responses when your typeform is filled by the right respondents.

It's also important to say that our product is evolving and this has a natural impact in our pricing model. For your specific case, I believe it's also worth checking out our discounts for non-profit, NGO and students. You can read more info about it on this page

I hope I was able to help! Wishing you a good day! :wave_tone2: