Advantages of using Google Analytics

The main advantage of using this platform is to get performance metrics of the site, such as email marketing campaigns, Google Ads, SEO, social networks, direct traffic. 

This is possible through reports with indicators that show which traffic sources brought most return.

And even geographic data on which keywords had more revenue or qualified leads are present. Thus, you can understand the quality of visits and plan for the constant growth of your site.

The main advantages of Google Analytics are:

1 - Possibility to configure goals
2 - Follow the user's path to the sales page
3 - Tool for e-commerce
4 - Traffic data
5 - Seasonal data
6 - A/B test
7 - Customized reports

Therefore, there are many advantages of using Google Analytics and every website that has goals needs to install this tool!



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@Jves - thanks and welcome to the community from a user. this is pretty good information

My question to you: are you using Typeform? do you have any questions about Typeform and Google Analytics integration that we can try and answer here?





Hello, I am new here, just getting acquainted with the platform. Is it possible to integrate Typeform andGoogle Analytics?

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@Jves - yes: check out this article in the Typeform help centre



Very interesting, thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

​@Jves thanks you sharing the information. I would like to update your audience, you can create custom conversion section as well. By this you can judge how much users are click perticular link etc.