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Hi there,

For a project I need to send one same form to 400 employees. The challenge is that all employees are restricted to submit the form one time and it needs to be anonymous. I have a paid account.

My idea
Is it possible that Typeform creates multiple url’s for the same form with a limit of one respons per url (the form needs to stay open for the rest of the url’s)? It would be nice if this can work together with Mailchimp, so I can dynamically add the url’s. This means that the url has to “close” whenever the form has been submitted.

If someone has a better idea, please feel free to share! It is a sensitive subject so I cant choose for the option where I deduplicate


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Hi @Petric Happy Wednesday! I hope you’re having a great week so far. 

We don’t have an option to limit the form to one response per person (regardless if you know who they are or not), but one idea would be to use cookies/custom code to prevent the form from appearing if they have already filled this out. 

This would be a very custom option that you’d have to build, but possibly @mathio has some example code that could help. 

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Hello @Petric 

As @Liz pointed out typeform does not support this out of the box.

As an alternative solution you could generate random identifier for each employee and pass it as hidden field to your form. Then you would be able to look into results (eg. via Responses API) and filter out duplicates and invalid values for this identifier.

To take this one step further you could embed your typeform in a webpage and check if the identifier is valid (if it is on your list) and if it was not used yet (try to retrieve a response with hidden field containing this identifier).

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To complement @mathio ‘s answer, if you are willing to explore some technical implementation.

If you generate a random identifier for each employee, you could also add a logic, to check if the random identifier is part of the list. 
If it’s not it should display an error (use Statement question type).

This logic could be created via API.

Once the form is submitted, use webhooks to be notified of new submissions. And then use the API to remove the identifier from the logic.

Sorry for my delayed reply. I think I got enough information :). I have to check what I am able to do myself!

Thank you for helping me!

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Let us know what you come up with, @Petric! 😉