CAn I add a heatmap so that my viewers can see

  • 14 May 2021
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How do I add a heatmap to a survey like this,  or this


I really need to do a heatmap, prefferablly if my veiwers could see it.


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5 replies

How do I create a heat map on my survey lke this or this


I would like if my survey takers had the ability to see but if only I can sobeit.

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@-St-Owens-Linguist - welcome to the Community from a fellow user

Are you looking to have something that is dynamic or a series of static images? 

At the moment, it is possible to put the series of static images with each question based on the layout options and changing the image for each question. The dynamic images that change/incorporate the survey data cannot be currently included in the questions at this time, as far as i can determine in the documentation for the APIs - the data is not submitted to a rendering engine until the survey is complete. 

Can you provide some more context and perhaps that will help us better assist. 



THANK YOU FOR RESPONDING! Yes, im not looking to do it so that it will change based on the choices of the folks doing it, but rather based on other survey takers answers, for instance, there are I beleive two ways to do this, although i dont know, but one way: The survey takers will put in their zip code at the beginning of the survey, and when others click an answer to a question they see the geographic location where most people/ percent of people, clicked this answer.  Now i dont know if this platform or any can do that, but if it cant do that than i will the other way: just take the coordinates, put them in a heatmapper and put picture of the heatmap on each answer based on past numbers of answers to which options, does that make sense? If you have any tips i would be very grateful, thanks!

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@-St-Owens-Linguist - i wish the dynamic heat mapping was possible. I was trying to build a covid-related tracking survey a year ago that would would show the heat map dynamically for how many people in a specific part of the city had responded to the survey  but this is not yet possible


your best bet is to grab a the screen shots from the heatmapper and use a drop down question to get the user to choose their ‘region’ (zip code might be too fine in terms of granularity - state maybe?) and then based on State, take them to the question group for that region that shows the appropriate heat maps. I know this sounds a little primitive but that is the limit of my thinking before a second cup of coffee on a Saturday morning. 


Is there a heat paper. On Typeform, also what is the max number of questions on a survey, Thanks!