• 23 September 2022
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Typeform does not offer even a week of free trial and I was mislead by the plans and propaganda understanding with the first paid plan I'd be able to see answers that didn't complete the entire form till the end. I was wrong, I was directed to yet another upgrade and understoon it was only on the top most ridiculously expensive plan I'd have the data of answers who didn't finish the form. But asking colleagues, I learned the data you release in this expensive business plan is not even the contact details and their first answers. So Typeform DOES NOT SUIT MY NEEDS. 
I contrated it on the 13th September and have been trying to make it work with no success, and today, 9 days later, I demand you cancel my account and process a full refund as my right as a customer, which you should have offered to avoid this terrible situation.

I tried to submit a ticket in many ways, but the page doesn’t confirm it received my question, despite being logged in when I am redirected to the support page, it doesn’t appear me as logged in and the login email field appears greyed out. I also do not receive a confirmation email that my demand was received. 
Is there an email for support to Typeform? No. 
So is the only way to demand my right as a customer for a refund due to being completely disatisfied with the service going publicly on social media? I hope not.

Please refund my purchase, this service does not suit my needs and won’t be used.


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8 replies

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Hi @arfarf In order to contact support for a refund, you will need to submit a ticket through that page. 

Could you send a screenshot of the issue you’re experiencing when trying to submit a ticket there? Thanks!

I did sent about 7 times and nothing happens, the page goes back to zero, as in to start submitting a new ticket. Can’t someone just cancel my service and refund me?? I need to submit a support about your support not working?? really??

I can’t send the screen shot because again nothing happens…!!! I just want my money back!

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Hi @arfarf Our support team hasn’t received any emails from the email on your account. 

In order for us to help you, they need to be contacted by you from your account email. If the form isn’t working for you, please send a screenshot of what you’re seeing so I can send this to the Billing team to look at. 

I am logged on my account’s email. But when I go onto the support page, it just it’s logged off. Can I send a video of the screen? Because screen shots will look like I have done nothing. Can you send me the link to the support page where I’m supposed to submit it again?


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@arfarf Yes, please send a video. That would be great! The URL is here

Here’s the video

I submitted it again for the 5th time and it showed a confirmation message which did not appear all the other times on the screen. Please confirm it was received. I demand my refund immediately.

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Thanks, @arfarf ! I do see that our support team has replied to your email. If you have any questions in the meantime, let us know. 😀