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  • 10 December 2020
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Hi all… I’m inquireing about the Beta status of the Coversation share.  It’s stil very buggy & was wondering if there is continuing development.  Please advise.

3 replies

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Hey @Medium Corporation, James here. Welcome to the beta community:handshake:

Conversations is still in development at the moment so as you've found, there are some features not available just quite yet. Specifically some Q types like Legal, Payment, and Phone Number, and 'Redirect on Completion' is also not currently possible. That being said, we have recently included the File Upload question and the multiple selection setting on Multiple Choice questions. 

I'm sure our Product team are working away on filling in the remaining missing pieces. Was there anything in particular you were having trouble with, or any features you'd love to see possible with Conversations? All ears! 

@James.Robinson We have an issue with Conversations UI when adding a fourth option. The last option is not completely visible. Typeform example, embedded in our app


Any suggestions on how to resolve this issue?


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Hi @hthai in your app, are you able to scroll to see the options in the conversation?