File upload restrict for only PDF

  • 8 March 2021
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Is there a way for a File upload question to restrict for only PDF type of file ?


Thank you.

4 replies

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Hi @Quentin - that’s a great question! We don’t have an option to restrict the file type in our file upload question, but this is a great idea. Any specific use case you’d like to share for this? 

hey, I would need a restriction to uploade pictures only. Can you add a filetype selection on the right, please? accept any filetype, PDF only, docx, picture format, etc?


Best, Fabian

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Hi Thanks for stopping by the community! I’m afraid this isn’t a feature currently in our roadmap, but if this changes, we’ll post about it here!

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Adding my request for a way to limit file upload types on file upload questions, as well.  Other form builders I have worked with allowed me to et the file types when asking a file upload question. Its is handy if I only want people uploading images on file upload, and not mistakenly uploading large video files to me. Thanks.