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Hi Guys, 


I want 1 typeform to intergate with 1 pandadoc document to let people sign a quitclaim for fliming. 

In the article in the community I’m stuck in Step 3. I have a paid type form and free pandadoc


Best answer by Liz 19 May 2022, 19:50

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Hi @Delano Cronie Thanks for stopping by the community! Are you referencing this post? 

If so, what is happening on Step 3? Are you receiving an error? Any further details or screenshots you can provide would be helpful. 😀

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Hi Liz, 


Are you able to show me where I’m going wrong?

We can make a payed appointment for one hour. We can do it though Zoom. 

I like to hear form you. 



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Hi @Delano Cronie The community is peer-to-peer support, so we’re happy to help you in the thread here. If you’d like more 1-1 support, our support team can help you via email/chat here.

If you could provide more information on what’s not working, we’ll be able to help you further!