Logic problem on my type form please help

  • 24 July 2021
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So here is my type form -- the goal is for each of the intial 4 options of what type of business do you own,

You will be directed to another 3 more questions based on the answers you choose


You can see if you choose “newbie” the entire flow works correctly

However you choose agency, ecom brand, info product, the flow stop working at question 2 or 3


It asks to submit the form prematurely which doesn’t make sense cause on the question logic is says that there is another question they have to complete however when i try doing the published quiz it tells me to submit one step early 


Any recommendations?



2 replies

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@wiz - welcome to the community.. from another user here

to help us the issue, can you please take a screen shot of your logic rules on the questions that ‘end prematurely’, thanks in advance. 

this will help us identify where the problem might lie - it would be great to see a picture of the logic map AND the logic rules for the questions.. it is likely something very simple to resolve (and we promise not to tell anyone else … what happens in community, stays in community)



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Hey @wiz! Happy that you're here! :muscle_tone2:

Did you solve your issue? If not, can you follow @john.desborough's suggestion and send us a screenshot of your logic? This way, we'll be able to help you! :wink: