[Need help] Retrieve lost data due to change in question type

  • 27 July 2022
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Hi there,


I’m new to Typeform, and I lost some data due to changing a question type on a survey that went live and started collecting responses yesterday.


I searched for guides to retrieve it and found this: Editing a typeform that’s already live and collecting responses. It was stated on this article that I’ll see a warning for changes that could affect or lose the responses I’ve collected. Yet, that didn’t happen to me. No warning dialog box appeared when I changed the question type on my form. I would’ve been able to download the responses had I known that I’ll lose some of the responses.


I hope anybody can help. Thanks!


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3 replies

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Hi @hazelann.espi Thanks for stopping by the community! Like the article says, one the question type is changed, the data has been lost, so it’s not possible to recover. 

Though, definitely reach out to our support team here and let them know from which question type to the other you changed from so they can test this and see if they can reproduce the issue with the message not appearing. 

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@hazelann.espi - i know this is too late in the process and may seem pedantic,but you should always make a duplicate of any form before you make changes .. and make changes on the COPY not the original, so that you don’t lose any data

It is easy enough to connect the various versions of the typeforms to google sheets so that every time an entry is made, you have data pushed to the spreadsheet. I recommend this to all my clients so that they have a backup of the data outside of typeform just in case ‘something happens’ and the data is lost. 


I appreciate all your replies. I’ve also reached out to Typeform’s Support Team. I just wish the warning appeared on my screen — because it didn’t.

No worries. I’m now aware of the form changes that will affect the collected responses. I’ve also been able to integrate a Google Sheet, but that’s after I have lost some of the responses already.