Only displaying 1 question then complete

  • 18 July 2021
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Hey Guys, I have 14 questions in my survey. But when sharing it with others it is only asking the 1st question, you press submit and it’s finished?

It’s not showing the whole survey. Any help would be amazing!



Best answer by john.desborough 19 July 2021, 04:12

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5 replies

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Hi @Jren ! Welcome to the community to a fellow user!

Are you working with logic in this form? Would you mind sharing your form, so people can take a look and undestand better the issue?

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@Jren - welcome from another user. 

I am going to ask this ‘silly’ question cuz i made this mistake on my first form: did you hit the ‘publish’ button on the form to make sure that all the questions are ‘in’ the published version? 

if that is the case, your problem should be resolved when you hit pubsish 

as @Paulo said above, you can always share screen shots of logic or even the link so that we can take a look and try and spot problems. 





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Hi @Jren!

Can you share with us if you have found a solution to your form? Hoping it worked out!

P.S. What @john.desborough mentioned happened to me (and a lot of other people) in the past. Always good to triple check if the form is actually published! :sweat_smile:

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@Gabi Amaral - lol.. what happens in Community, stays in Community