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  • 28 September 2021
  • 5 replies

I keep getting this unresponsive page every time O load this question. Any ideas? Have tried rebooting, switching wifi and duplicating form. Seems to be a bug. Any ideas?


5 replies

Seems to be a bug. I have the same problem...

Thank you. I hope they fix it!


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Hi @hailey_ck and @Rachel Gatehouse Apologies for missing this! Looking at the screenshot, it looks like there’s something funky going on with your browser. Can I have you try opening the page in a different browser to see if this solves the issue? 

Hi @Liz ! Actually, there was the same issue on the other browser, but now they have fixed. Appreciate your concern :)

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Glad to hear, @hailey_ck ! Anything in particular that helped fix the issue?