Question scores displayed in fields / rather than the selected response or the total calculation

  • 13 January 2023
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I have a survey of 130 multiple choice questions. Like a matrix, but, I want to use the multiple choice option instead.


Each of the 5 multiple choices for each question has the same equivalent score - i.e. Answer A is = 1, Answer B is = 2, Answer 3 is = 3 …. and so on.

I want the output to give me the matching score, rather than the written answer.

I also don’t need the running total of the scores.

Only the individual answer score is relevant, as, the responses are then entered into a large spreadsheet with calculation formulas based on the score.

I have pasted an example below of the kind of output I need.


I originally thought I would do something in Zapier, but, it’s going to be a ver long Zap. I feel there must be a way to get this report out of Typeform?


I would love to hear the thoughts of the community.



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@JulieLaw - connect the form directly to a Google Sheet and upon submission of the form the data will be pushed into the spreadsheet. if you need to do any work to add custom fields to the spreadsheet, you can do that based on your needs inside the Sheet. 


just a thought.. 



Thanks John, I have tried this, but each question (there are 120 questions) need to go onto a new row, rather than in a new column. Each submission from Typeform will create a new worksheet in my Google Sheet. 

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@JulieLaw - a possibility to create a second tab in the google sheet something like this (sort of mirrors your image):

  • header row
    • column 1 header - id_num with the question numbers running down in series
    • column 2 questions - with questions 
    • column 3 - n: labels would 2,3,4,etc (once column for each response result - ok  you might have thousands of cols but.. )
  • in column 3 - in the cell c2 (third column, row corresponding to the first questions) - put in a formula that does an array transpose of the ‘response data’ ie the numeric values, for the vlookup of the submission record in the corresponding rownumber, using the column header as the lookup value,  ie if the column header is 2 then get the data from row 2 on the tab where the typeform submissions are ‘dumped’, starting at the appropriate column offset, and then transpose the data to write it in the column of this second tab. 

it’s a wee bit complicated but it should work if you can figure out the transpose formula..