Characteristic Continuum - duel mark

  • 17 January 2023
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I’m looking to build a list of scale questions related to brand characteristics.  For example two opposite traits at either end of a scale.  Say for example, ‘Classic’ on one side and ‘Modern’ at the opposite end of a horizontal line with a scale of 9 points in between.

Here’s the kicker. I want the respondent to be able to plot two marks on the continuum scale.  First where they believe the brand is now and second, where they see the brand in the future.

Is this possible to do on Typeform?

2 replies

I think the term for this kind of question is a Semantic Differential Scale

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Hi @Emerald1066 Thanks for stopping by the community! I’m afraid we don’t have a feature like this. You could try doing something like this with the matrix question, but it wouldn't allow you to plot two answers within an answer. 

I can share this feedback with the product team. 😀