Hidden field use in Typeform Embed (in Notion) via Active Campaign/Squarespace purchase?

  • 13 January 2023
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Struggling with this workflow!

User purchases a Notion template, which contains (among other content) an embedded Typeform. The purchase is made from my Squarespace website, they are signed up to Active Campaign list, and send the Notion Template link from there. The results from the Typeform will both show on an ending screen as well as be emailed to the recipient. So, I’d prefer not to ask for the email address or name again.

(I will also be using the Typeform as a solo survey occasionally so I do need to ask!).

Is there a way to pass along hidden fields to the Typeform embed within the Notion template?

I’m stumped! TY!


Best answer by mathio 17 January 2023, 12:11

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4 replies

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@picsoung or @mathio do you happen to know? I know with our direct integration, you can, but this embed I’m not 100% sure on. 

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@SmallBiz Sidekick  how are you embedding your typeform in Notion? Where is the email address available in Notion page?

Hidden fields can be passed in the URL, so as long as the information is available in any “variable” in the host page. Or you can read them directly from your notion page URL, if it is there.

I am sorry but I am not that familiar with this use case for Notion.

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Thanks for your reply @mathio ! 

Its just a simple URL embed in Notion, and every time the Notion template is sold, the url is duplicated. So, I don’t see a way it can be read from the notion page url.

I think it is too convoluted and the easiest thing is just to have them enter their name & email in the typeform...

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You would need to build the proper typeform URL (with hidden fields) when you are duplicating the Notion template.

My solution would be to build a script that creates this new template using Notion API and add hidden fields to the typeform URL in the page. But thats me. It would probably take an evening to read the documentation and build the script and I might even enjoy it 🤣

I remember last time I wanted to use APIs and write scripts @john.desborough was able to solve this using no-code tools. Maybe it is doable in this case as well? John could you have a look, please?