Integration GTM + TypeForm + Segment

  • 13 January 2023
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I'm interested to know what are the properties sent in dataLayer.push({event: "Typeform Submit")} and how I can to get de props in GTM.
Other question is about how can I get the questions and the answers in GTM.


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3 replies

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Hi @paulo.junior Our article here can provide you with all of the data that we send to GTM. I’m afraid the question and answers aren’t sent at this time. 

@Liz I read the article but i didn’t figure out what are the datalayer properties that are sent in dataLayer.push({event: "Typeform Submit")}. Do you know what are these properties that are to sent with the datalayer?

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Hi @paulo.junior The events tracked are the following: “TypeformFirstInteraction” when the respondent clicks the Welcome Screen (if the typeform has one) or answers the typeform's first question (if there is no Welcome Screen), and “TypeformSubmit” when the request to the submission is valid.