Scoring a quiz with multiple variables (greater than/ less than - ties ok!)

  • 13 January 2023
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Calling @john.desborough and other math whizzes!

I have a scored quiz in which I have two groups of results that need to be weighed against each other. It is fine if there are ties!

I am basically taking categories like the below screenshot, and have multiple choice questions for each bolded category below, in which recipients can select as many adjectives as apply to them (there are 12 categories in total):


For the first group, there 12 variables (ie @innocent_brand; @sage_brand, etc). Each question has scoring applied whereby for every adjective selected under The Innocent, 1 point is added to @innocent_brand.

The second group of questions is the exact same set, just applied to their client. Variables are called @innocent_client, @sage_client, etc. In this group, for every adjective selected under The Innocent, 1 point is added to @innocent_client.


The goal is to show an end screen that gives the user their top 3 categories for @top_brand and @top_client - the variable that has the most adjectives selected in the first Group and the variable that has most adjectives selected in the second group. Where I am struggling is the formula that will give me that result! Ties are ok because I want the top 3 (even 4 is ok).

Suggestions? Thanks!



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Hi @SmallBiz Sidekick Happy Tuesday! I hope you had a great weekend. Have you taken a look at our outcome quiz yet? While this would only show the top score, it could be a great place to start for building your form. 

Otherwise, showing the top 3 may be possible, but would require heavy use of the variables feature

I’d also suggest taking a look at the post below where Des dives deeper into some suggestions for setting this up: 


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Thanks @Liz ! I am familiar with the outcome quiz, thanks. I first thought I’d end up going that direction too.

This is just not a clear cut quiz with one answer, however. I’ll need to give respondents a few answers and then they choose what suits them best after cross-referencing with more materials about the options. So, unless the outcome can return an ending with a few results, I don’t think it will work…

I took a look at the post you linked and followed down the trail to find a post where the always-helpful @john.desborough gave an answer that should work for mine question: 


Now I just need to make a map for the first 12 and then the second 12. This is not my forté so it may take a while if I don’t off myself first 🤣 But hey, it’s a learning experience!

I’ll report back with whatever I come up with for future travelers. Thanks!

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@SmallBiz Sidekick - sorry for delays on my part but I am swamped and not able to respond to a lot of the posts - especially those that are really looking at deep logic evaluation.. 

the essence of this is that you would need to find a way to identify the top score or the number of highest scores and isolate those variables/categories from the next round of calculations ie taking a unique high score out (call it B) and then evaluating the remaining 11 for the highest score.. if there were 2 high scores, you need to take them out and evaluate 9. 

this is really convoluted to do inside of Typeform’s logic rules. really really. 

even pushing it to Google Sheet would require you to use an arraytransform funciton to take the row values, put them into a column, sort them by highest to lowest score and then do another transform to put them back into another column set sorted from high to low in order.. then you could read the values from the first 4 columns in the array that would relate to the highest. 

but that itself is really hard to do in the Google Sheet environment - and further complicated that you would need to use something like Document Studio to take the final results and do the merge into a report template - all based the trigger of another record being received into the tab.. 


moral of the story: neither product is the ‘ultimate way’ to do this sort of analysis… 



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Thanks @john.desborough for your help! It is amazing that humans can do this calculation just by looking at a paper much faster than computers in this scenario! Hooray for us!

I will come up with an alternative. Thanks to you & @Liz 😊

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@SmallBiz Sidekick - keep in mind the ‘order in which you create your endings’ if you choose to try the outcome quiz approach. 

in the event of a tie, Typeform defaults to the ‘first ending in the series’ that meets the criteria.. 

lets say of the 12, the outcomes tie  for endings C F and H…. all with the same outcome “score”…. Typeform will route the user to ending C by default as it is the first in the series. 

if that makes sense..