typeform only showing in incognito for some users

  • 15 January 2024
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I have an embed Typeform on my Wordpress website

Most users do not have any issues with the form, it is loading as expected.

But some users have reported having a blank page, and only being able to access the form if in incognito mode. We can’t ask all users to use this mode to view the form.

Thanks for your help!


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6 replies

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Hi @marionFFC Thanks for sharing the link to your website!

@mathio do you happen to see anything that might be preventing this from working? I can’t see anything odd offhand. 

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Hi @marionFFC and @Liz 

I see the form is not loaded until a cookie consent is given. If I click “Reject all” cookies, the form is not loaded. Could this be the issue?

This could also be related to a browser extension those users are using. Browser extensions are disabled in incognito mode by default. How many users are experiencing this issue?

Hi @mathio You are right about the cookies, I have tried it on 2 computers and an android phone and if I reject them the form is not loading and if accepted it then loads fine. Thank you for identifying the issue.

Is there anything I can do to allow the loading of the form despite the rejection of the cookies?

Thank you!

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It looks like you are using CookieYes plugin in your website. Unfortunately I am not familiar with this plugin, but I think you will need to find some settings there to allow loading the form regardless of the cookie preference.

Just a note - make sure your typeform is compliant and you have all necessary consents before displaying it (eg. you might want to display cookie consent in your typeform) .

Thank you very much @mathio I will look into all those cookies!

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Oh duh! Thanks so much, @mathio . Let us know how it goes, @marionFFC !