Use typeform for a QR code treasure hunt

  • 14 October 2023
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Hi there

I’m pretty new to creating in Typeform, I’m hoping someone more experienced can help me

I have some questions, all to do with the same output - basically I want to create a treasure hunt quiz around an expo hall. My questions are:

• Is it possible to create QR codes to link to different questions in a quiz? 

• Is it possible to have users scan these QR codes in random order and be taken to that section of the quiz… and critically typeform remembers their previous answers for other questions in said quiz

• Is it possible to capture a person’s answers to the quiz, without mandating they answer all questions?

• Is it possible to make certain questions compulsory like ID number and work email address before being able to submit the quiz answers?




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Hi @smit247 Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend. And welcome to Typeform! This sounds like a fun form. 

To answer your questions, 

  • Do all of the questions have to be within the same form? You can generate a QR code for each form, but not for separate questions within the form. Though, you could tie together forms like this
  • I would refer to the posts above! Are you going to be storing their information anywhere, such as a CRM system, in addition to the results panel of typeform? 
  • Yes! As long as you don’t mark the questions as required, the respondents won’t need to answer them. 
  • Yes to this as well - just be sure to mark these questions as required. 

Hopefully this helps get you started! Let me know if you have any questions based on these answers. 

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Hi Liz - this is super useful thank you, I'll check out those links

So, a little more context around the treasure hunt… it’s actually going to be part of a large scale expo with 60 stands, each exhibitor is going to get a QR code. 

Guests have to strike up conversations with each exhibitor, then on completion of that conversation they’ll be given their QR code and by having the conversation they’ll have the knowledge to be able to answer the question that the QR code directs them to. 

So in an ideal world, a guest scans their first question - and submit their answer, a thank you message then displays and prompts them to keep discovering more questions. Then the next time they scan a QR code it takes them to a different question in the quiz, but their answer to the pervious question is still stored… then they continue to build out their responses by repeating the process.

Then at the end of the day, they submit as many answers as they have managed to find QR codes for and the amount of correct answers is displayed.

For this to work as intended, questions need to only be discoverable when the respective QR code for each is scanned (ie you can’t just scroll through all the questions without having the conversations first)

Appreciate that’s quote a complex build, but would be keen to get your thoughts (and anyone else's!)


Thanks again, Chris


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Oh that’s a cool way to get interaction for the booths!

I think you would have to build a form for each booth to have separate QR codes since we don’t have a way to jump to certain questions in the form. The only tricky part would be gathering the information of who is submitting the form each time, as I imagine it would be annoying for them to enter their personal info 60ish times. 

Are you storing their personal data anywhere, such as a CRM system? 

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Hey @Liz thanks again for the follow up reply. Pleased to say that the event went well and Typeform performed flawlessly. With such a short lead time I just had to swallow the inconvenience of attendees entering their emails address each time.

I needed this to work without being too complicated as it was a fallback solution that we had to use after some app testing failed. So I just went with 60 individual forms, each with a QR code then I’ve hooked up all the data post-event to get some overall analytics (nearly 15000 unique form completions!)

Retrospectively I’d like to understand more about how to tie together forms and also how to recall information from a CRM system - if their data was stored somewhere, how would this work? There was around 800 attendees to the show.

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Oh wow that’s great! I imagine that must have helped those with booths, too. Did they provide any feedback on it as well? (I’m just curious!)

As for tying forms together and recalling from a CRM, it first depends which CRM you would be using. But to recall information, you’d probably want to embed a form on a page from the CRM that would input that information. 

@mathio or @picsoung are there any cool hacks that would go about this in an easier/more seamless way? 

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An alternative solution (however more complicated to build) might be:

  • the QR codes point to custom website
  • based on parameters from QR code the website decides which typeform to embed (you will still need 1 typeform per QR code)
  • when a typeform is completed, it redirects to the website
    • the website stores user email address (in cookie / local storage)
  • when a typeform is embedded, the email address is passed to the embedded typeform as hidden field
  • the typeform can have logic to skip the email question if the value is provided in hidden field

Now, if we assumed respondents are always using the same mobile device they will only need to enter the email address once. You could use a more complex logic in each form to display the email address passed from hidden field and ask them if it is correct, in case they want to change it.

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@mathio --ohhhhhhh i like that! makes note to keep track of that one..