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What you need to know about switching to a new Typeform pricing plan

  • 21 June 2021
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What you need to know about switching to a new Typeform pricing plan
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Hello community, 

I'm Marta from the Typeform Support team. Nice to meet you👋 ! I'm here because I want to give you some more clarity about Typeform's new pricing plans. 


As you may know, we recently introduced a new set of plans for new customers, which are all now live. If you're an existing customer don't worry – this won't affect the current plan that you're on. The price you pay doesn't change and neither do the features or response limits you already have.

But if you're thinking of changing plans it's important you understand what the differences are between the existing tiers and the new ones so you can make the right decision based on what you need to do with Typeform. 


I've put together a series of videos below explaining the differences between the new plans and their equivalent "old" plans (or "existing plans" we should probably say, if you're a current customer). I've also included the comparison tables from this Help Center article to help give you an overview. 

So let's break down the plans...


Old Free plan vs New Free plan


We've changed the way our Free plan works, to give you the ability to use all of our features and build smart typeforms using unlimited Logic Jumps and Hidden Fields. With the new Free plan you can now create and publish as many typeforms as you like. The new Free plan lets you collect 10 responses per month, whereas the old Free plan allowed you 100 responses.


Here's a more detailed explanation of the differences:



Breakdown of the differences between new free plans and old free plans:



Basic plan vs Essentials plan 


Let's have a look now at the main differences between the old Essentials plan and the new Basic plan. The Basic plan supports Hidden Fields and unlimited Logic Jumps, which wasn't the case with the previous Essentials plan. Monthly response limits for Basic are less than Essentials (100 v 1,000).


Here's the full lowdown of what's included in each:



Breakdown of the differences between the Basic plan and the Essentials plan:


Plus vs Professional plan


The old Professional plan is now longer available for new Typeform customers, replaced by the Plus plan. Let's explore the main differences between the two plans, which include the kinds of features that are available, the number of users, and the response limits:



Breakdown of the differences between the Plus and Professional plans:


Business vs Premium plan


Finally, let's take a look at the changes to our top tier plan. The previous Premium plan has now been replaced by the Business plan for new customers. Let's have a look at what you get in each one. They are pretty similar in general, with some key differences in terms of the number of team members allowed: 



Breakdown of the differences between the Business plan and the Premium plan:


I hope you find this useful but if you have any doubts about switching to the new plans or your account please feel free to reach out to our support team. And of course, you can find all the information about the current plans on our pricing page

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This is so useful @Marta . The community is going to view this content endless times in the coming weeks. Thanks for putting this together :bow_tone3:

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Thanks @Marta that helps. some things I noticed for my plan (Professional) that have also cropped up in the Community: 

  • Typeform has sent out email to people about the new plans, along with a recommendation to downgrade to a lower plan: I believe this is based on current number of forms submitted vs the plan. 
    • there have been several people in the community who did ‘downgrade’ then realize that they had lost several of their features ie lost their custom domain name (which was subsequently taken by someone else before they came back to do a higher plan and to reclaim their domain) 
    • I just ignored the email - for what i am trying to do, i don’t want to downgrade and the ‘upside’ is that to get all the features i want and the volumes i am expecting by september, I would have to upgrade to Business just to stay even where i am . 
    • There is only a discussion in the email about the monthly costs and nothing to talk about what happens if you JUST renewed ie end of April in my case, for the year: If i wanted to upgrade, what would the prorata/incremental costs be for the upgrade? and I did not see anything in the pricing plans that discussed how that would be treated. 
    • there is no discussion about what someone might “Lose” in their plan by downgrading to the lower plan: my plan talked about what i would have as a result
  • It would be nice in the details above to also list the USD values as i have to go hunting to find it in the pricing plan link so that i can do the math
  • one of the things that MAY be misleading to some is when the list of integrations with product/platform X is listed: it seems like you GET an integration (account) with the software mentioned, not that you CAN integrate with those products (ie access those Connect “products” based on your level of subscription??) but you need to have an account with them.
    • Some have a free version/account, some don’t. It might be a good idea to outline that it requires the user to have an account and if there is free plan as well as paid at the integration partner. 


I, personally, am happy to see the new plans and understand the rationale but i do want to really understand the optimal timing to make the change on my own.





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Very detailed feedback, Des. I’ll make sure it reaches the relevant typeformer(s). :raised_hands_tone3: