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🗞 December Typeform Product Digest 🎄

  • 21 December 2021
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🗞 December Typeform Product Digest 🎄
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It’s that time, all! And it’s also our last product digest for the year. (Where did the year go?!) Our product developers have certainly been busy bees in 2021, as a quick look back over this year's updates will tell you.

The team will now take some well deserved time away to celebrate the holiday season with our families and loved ones. But have no fear - we’ve got plenty of features being developed in the background that should be released soon! Stay tuned in January for more.  


In the meantime, ring in the new year with these handy new features to toast to.


📆 Date & Device filters 


Filtering the data from your form responses just got easier! Now, you can choose the date and device on the Insights page to see who answered your form from specific devices or timeframes. 

One thing to note: these filters only work on forms created after July 22nd.


🤔 Improved logic modal 


If you loved the previous updates to the logic modal, you’ll love this one even more. Our newest update provides a clearer option for adding rules and conditions, and it’s possible to delete a single condition. Enjoy makin’ all the logic jumps!



🛤️ Hubspot tracking for embedded forms


Many of you have been wanting more data from our Hubspot integration, and it’s finally happening! We now automatically send over the First page seen, Last Page seen, Last referring site, Original source and Original source drill-down 1 and Original source drill-down 2. 

If you’re embedding the form, you’ll need to take a few extra steps, which you can learn more about in our article here.


💡That’s all, folks! As always, let us know how these features are working for you and send any feedback our way. 





7 replies

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@Liz - the updates to the logic model (especially the editing) will make it so much easier when it comes to create ‘the long and complicated structures’ that folks build out (ie me lol) 

the device filters should enable folks to get better clarity around how people are accessing their forms - yay!



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Agreed, @john.desborough ! So much easier, especially if you have lots of logic jumps!

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Fun fact @john.desborough  “the long and complicated structures” was actually the working title of The Beatles hit from Let it Be. They only changed it to “winding road” cos it wouldn’t fit on the label.

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Fun fact @john.desborough  “the long and complicated structures” was actually the working title of The Beatles hit from Let it Be. They only changed it to “winding road” cos it wouldn’t fit on the label.

it actually is how i would describe any debate by the 7 other voices in my head on any topic.. 

but when i had to do about 4,100 logic rules for one typeform (12 categories, which was the highest and how to break ties), being able to do these types of edits would have reduced the head-to-desk banging by at least 50%. 


“Say you want a revolution”??? this might just bring it forward!



Thanks for this update. I have two requests to make the product better:



I make surveys to track 360 degrees feedback of person's. Now, I create a survey per person. But I'd love to make only one survey where you can add a code XYZ and name which then should be validated into either dynamic variables or a connected excel file.



Could the Slack connector (or another) not track the response itself, but the total number of responses. Eg. Form X is now submitted 15 times.


Would love it. Thanks.

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It's great that filtering data from responses to forms has become more convenient, and this will reduce working hours and allow everyone to spend time on New Year's activities):santa_tone3: :santa::santa_tone2:

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Hi @Freek Glorius Thanks for sharing these ideas! I agree the 360 degree feedback capability would be very handy. 

Let us know if you think of anything else!

@Olgasolo Yes! Hopefully this gives everyone some more time back for the holidays. :grinning: