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🗞 January Typeform Product Digest ❄️

  • 21 January 2022
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🗞  January Typeform Product Digest ❄️
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I’m a bit late to the party, but Happy New Year, community! It’s a new year, so you know that means we have new features rolling out.  


We’re starting off the year with a bang by not only introducing the long-awaited Facebook Pixel fix, but also saving you some time by providing the option to order your workspaces. 


Let’s dive in!


🚶 Ordering Workspaces


Previously when creating a new workspace, it would appear underneath existing workspaces. If you have a lot of workspaces, you probably want to order those workspaces according to your own system. With a click and a drag, you can now order those workspaces to your liking!


Watch the video below to see how to order your workspaces, and read more about how workspaces function here


🖥️️ Facebook Pixel Fix


Facebook’s update to its Pixel and terms of service last year required updates from nearly every third-party that came into contact with their product, including us. Our developers worked hard to create a solution to fix any issues with our current integration and have provided a detailed solution that should resolve any hiccups you had with the integration over the last year. 


Since it’s a hefty solution, you can read all the fine details in the article here as well as a brief rundown of the solution here


💱 Currency Dropdown


If you’ve ever taken a peek at our pricing page in one country but wondered how much the subscription might cost in another, our currency selector solves that question for you! Whether you’re subscribing to Typeform outside of your home country or signing up for the service under a different currency, this simple dropdown tells you exactly how much our plans are in the currencies we accept. Don’t forget - the currency is still tied to the billing country, so wherever your billing address is will determine which currency you’ll be charged in. 




❓ Response Filters

The moment many of you have been waiting for….


Drum roll please….


Response filters! In the Results section of your form, you can filter the results by one or many multiple-choice, picture choice, matrix, and drop-down questions. In addition to filtering by question, you can also filter by answer provided, too. 


The product team is continuing to add more functionality to filtering, and we’ll update you as they add more features. 


Learn more about filtering responses in our Help Center article here and take a look at our Under the Hood with Matthias from the product team here




💡That’s all, folks! As always, let us know how these features are working for you and send any feedback our way. 





10 replies

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Thanks @Liz - a great summary.. much needed stuff!!



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It's great that with just one click we can now organize workspaces to my liking!  Thank you @Liz for your work and the work of the team!

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Thank you for the update, @Liz!

I'm so so so happy with the new response table!!! Much more intuitive and organized! Have you had the chance to check this out @Olgasolo


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Yes!! So excited about all the new updates to the response table!

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Still no update on the much requested feature of the decimal point in the Number Format field. How difficult can it be??? :triumph:

Good update, thanks! Filtering results is a great option, but filtering the summary would be even more valuable for us. It would allow easy survey analyses.

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Hi @Dennis Post The product team is working on decimals. As soon as I have any updates, they’ll be posted here. :grinning:

@Jan Egbert Anything in particular you’d like to filter in the summary? 

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@Liz, thanks Liz, much appreciated.


@Liz  We would like the exact same filter that is used to drill down responses. An easy way to create subsets of respondents and see how different groups of respondents completed the survey.

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Ok, thanks, @Jan Egbert ! I’ll share this feedback with the product team. :grinning: