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🗞 March Typeform Product Digest ☘️

  • 30 March 2022
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🗞 March Typeform Product Digest ☘️
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March was the month of releasing new features that enhanced already existing ones in Typeform. Yay for making form building even better! 


Let’s dive right in!


📈 Performance Trends


Earlier this month, we shared an article to walk you through our newest respondent report, the Performance Trends. If you’re curious about who’s answering your form and when, this report will give you a richer insight into that data. 


Read more in our Help Center article here



📝 Fix for the Calendly Submission Rate


The beloved Calendly block was a welcome addition to our ever growing list of integrations. It’s even more spectacular now thanks to a fix that ensures your respondents are submitting their information correctly. 


Now, once your respondent books a time with you in your Calendly schedule, the form will automatically submit, too. 



📅 Date Validation - Year


Previously if you had the date field in your form, the respondent could answer the date block with an invalid year. For example, instead of answering with 2022, they might have accidentally entered 0022. The good news is, the year field is now validated!



🏆 New Org Switcher

Whether you’re a member of one organization or a few, you can now switch between your different organizations with ease! Click on the upper right hand side to see which organizations you belong to and migrate to a different one or do so in your main workspace. 


Read more about organizations on our Help Center

🧑‍🎨 Creation on Logic Map

Loved the logic map? You’ll love it even more now that you can edit the logic jumps directly within the map! No need to switch between multiple views - fix your jumps while following the flow you’ve already set up. 



💎 That’s all, folks! As always, let us know how these features are working for you and send any feedback our way. 

7 replies

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@Liz - love the trends. BUT i am over the moon on the logic maps and the switch between accounts (i have 5 clients that i switch between daily) - both of these are making my life much easier.. 


keep up the great work on these… 



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Love the new Calendly update! No-auto submission was the only thing preventing me from using it. :) 

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@Rishabh Yes! Definitely a great enhancement to the Calendly app!

@john.desborough You and me both ha! (Well, not multiple clients, just many orgs.) This will help save a few seconds here and there that can now be used to make another coffee. 😅

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Amazing, @Liz! Thanks for that! I love the Calendly update and the logic maps!

I'm tagging some users that might be interested on this post: @Darnell @talon256 @Paulo @ValdemarQ @DavidD @FPBB 

Very nice

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A full round of applause for all those who contributed to the Calendly App solution. Looking forward to implementation and testing (on our end)! 

There’s nothing quite like having a problem be addressed and ultimately solved by a company whose product you use…

Thanks for the tag, @Gabi Amaral!

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Happy you enjoyed, @talon256! Make sure to let us know what are your thoughts once you test it, ok?