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📣 New feature alert! Embed setup wizard

  • 13 March 2023
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📣 New feature alert! Embed setup wizard
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If you’re embedding your form in an email or on a website, you may have had a tricky time figuring out how to actually do that.

Thankfully, Typeform is giving you a helping hand by providing instructions based on the type of embed and where you’re embedding the form, organized by platform. 


All of this is available now right in the Share panel so it’s easy for you to find. Take a peek at the video below to learn where to find these steps:



As always, drop any feedback or comments in the thread below!

12 replies

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Missing the big one….Joomla.
But you probably understand that you don't need to explain Joomla users this. They just know things :)

But, anyway, nice extra help for those...

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Hi @Hein Meijer I’ll share that with the product team! It never helps to have the instructions somewhere, even if you’re comfortable embedding. Every now and then I have to re-reference the Shopify embed instructions, and I’m in my Shopify store everyday. 🤣

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Sounds nice!

Eu acho que é muito bom assim, obrigado, pelas vossas sms


Google translate: 

I think it's very good like this, thank you for your sms
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Hi @Mamasambabalde thanks for stopping by! Have you tried the embed wizard when embedding your typeform? 😍

I used the embed for email and it didn’t work well in Sendgrid. We have a fix width column, the embed keeps breaking up (it basically overflows the column that wraps the email content). I tried fixing the width myself but the situation ended up being worse. Eventually I desisted.



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Hi @tomso Could you send a screenshot of the email and the embed code you placed in the email? Thanks in advance!

The guide is great, but I pasted the HTML code into wordpress and the Google PageSpeed Insights analysis showed an error that I don't know how to fix. 


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Hi @Petr Hrbek Could you send the URL where you have the form embedded? Thanks!

Hi @Liz i sending a link to the website where the form is and a link to Google PageSpeed Insights.

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Thanks, @Petr Hrbek ! Let me ask our tech team about this. 

@Liz Thank you, the error appears on my other site as well. It looks like it's not a wordpress problem.