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📣 New feature alert! Free navigation form

  • 21 March 2023
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📣 New feature alert! Free navigation form
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Hola hola Typeform community! Our product team released a new setting to your form that you may find in handy if your respondents need the ability to scroll through required questions before answering them. 

The previous behavior of our forms forced the respondent to answer a required question before navigating to the next. Now, with this new toggle, you can allow your respondents to move past a required question to view all questions on the form and return back to it when they’re ready to provide an answer. 


It’s a quick toggle on/off to adjust this setting.




I’ve also made a handy video below so you can see how this feature works. 



As always, drop any feedback or comments in the thread below. 

2 replies

That sounds like a great addition to your form settings! Allowing respondents to scroll through required questions before answering them can provide a more user-friendly experience and prevent frustration for those who may need to think more about their answers before submitting them.

It's great that this new feature is easy to toggle on and off, giving form creators the flexibility to decide if they want to use it or not depending on the specific needs of their form.

Overall, this seems like a useful update that can improve the user experience for respondents and make the form creation process more customizable for creators.

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Thanks so much for the feedback, @auspayday ! I hope it helps. I’ll share this with the product team!