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New feature: Custom domains 🔗

  • 3 September 2021
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New feature: Custom domains 🔗
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Hello, wonderful Typeform community!


We have a fancy new feature available for our Enterprise customers - fully custom domains!


If you aren’t on our Enterprise plan, you still have some options to update the subdomain of your Typeforms. Check out the video below for a quick walkthrough or read more about it here



15 replies

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@Liz - thanks for this.. it should answer some questions that we have seen here in the community about ‘custom domains’


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I hope so, @john.desborough ! Glad to also *finally!* see this feature available. :heart_eyes:

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New additions to our tool. Hooray! 

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@Gabriel All :clap_tone3: the :clap_tone2: new :clap_tone3: things!

Thank you @Liz!

If I have a bunch of forms linked in other pages I’ll need to redo the linking to the new url, right?

What about all the integrations in multiple forms? Will they likely break too?

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Hi @Paulo The URLs will automatically redirect, but your respondents will see this message directing them to the new URL. 


As for the integrations, those won’t break. :grinning:

Thanks @Liz! I like the message!:grinning:


Just to be sure, as we’re planning to go for the Business Plan.

I can setup only 1 subdomain, is it correct? 

I mean, I cannot create a and create also a

Just to understand how setup everything, as we’re create surveys and we want to link them with a QRCode. So probably I’ll have to set a single subdomain, and then configure custom FormID so i’ll have

and so on.

Could you confirm this? 

Thanks a lot!

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Looks great! Thanks for updating!

Does this custom domain function allow people to receive payments via Apple Pay on your Stripe integration? According to Stripe, they only allow you to use Apply Pay after you’ve registered a domain.

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Hi @Renderwarrior Yes, that’s correct. We currently allow for one custom subdomain per account. 

@mt_barrios I’ve responded to your post. :grinning:

an excellent function. but i am very sad with the model of the plans.
50usd per month in the plus plan and 83usd in the business plan, i don't think it's a great function to only have in the enterprise plan as well as the "advanced embed options" function… :smirk:

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Hi @giulianodesign Thanks for stopping by and sharing your feedback. The reason the custom domain is on our Enterprise plan is because of the cost to implement and maintain this feature as well as the embed features. Hopefully this helps clarify a bit, but let us know if you have any other feedback or questions!

Hi @Liz @mt_barrios - thank you for these updates. does this mean we can accept apple pay via stripe on typeform if we use custom domains? if so, can you point me to instructions on this? thanks.

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Curious if typeform can allow business plan users to add their own subdomain instead of using typeform as a subdomain. Videoask allows for this. 



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Hi @nou Our payment field only supports Stripe at the moment. You can read more about the payment field here

@Dana This isn’t currently in the roadmap, but if that changes, we’ll post about it here. In the meantime, you can still embed the form on your own websites/subdomains.