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New Feature: Disable the autosave progress on typeforms

  • 15 February 2023
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New Feature: Disable the autosave progress on typeforms
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Happy mid-February, Typeform community! If you’re using Typeform in a kiosk-like mode or having multiple people fill out the form on a single device, you might find our feature that saves answers in the browser until the form is submitted a bit challenging. Our product team heard your feedback and released the ability to turn this feature off. It’s as easy as clicking a toggle!

Take a peek at how this feature works in the video below:


2 replies

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This is great. When can we get partial response data? Sometimes we have longer surveys with multiple topics where we still want to capture the information if the user drops off. Right now, I separate these into separate typeforms and redirect to the next one, but it’s a pain, especially to link all the responses back together.

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Hi @Rishabh Follow the post below for any updates on that! 😀