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🗞 Product Digest #4 - April 2021 🌸

  • 29 April 2021
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🗞 Product Digest #4 - April 2021 🌸
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Hello community,


I'm back with another product update from the forms factory here at Typeform HQ 🧑‍🏭 


We've been pumping some interesting updates in April and I wanted to pull out the main highlights in case you didn't notice them springing up…



🗺️ Visual logic display (Logic Map)


If you were a fan of the Logic Map in the last version of Typeform you'll be pleased to hear it's now back in the new builder and it's better than ever imho. Imagine if a flowchart drunk a liter of gummyberry juice – the visual logic display is what that would look like.


The new display, which appears in the Logic section of the Create panel, allows you to easily see the overall structure of your typeform and visualize how it flows. 


You can zoom in and out of the Logic Map and pan around it by holding down the cursor and dragging it. Check out my video demo below and find out more in our Help Center article.



🔤 Text variables


Text variables are now "a thing". So what, you ask? Well, up to now you could only work with number variables in Typeform. These are great for keeping track of things like a price or a score, but now with text variables you can get even more sophisticated.


For example, the demo below shows you how to use text variables and logic to generate customized access codes based on the answers a person gives to your typeform. 



But you don't need to stop there, there's plenty more you can do with text variables.   

In this example, i’m using text variables as:

  • a tag (to categorize respondents on my end internally, it may be useful for my future marketing campaigns)

  • a variable to pass to the second form via a hidden field

  • a variable to create different discount codes

Another cool use case: Before, it wasn't possible to redirect respondents to different pages on your website within a typeform using Redirect on Completion. Instead, you would need to hack a solution using Redirect on completion in different Thank You screens – which wasn't ideal.

Now, you can can use text variables to solve this problem. For example, redirect on completion with, then add logics to replace text variables with “help”, “pricing”, “home’, “career”, etc. Have a look at the final link in the resources box below for more info on setting this one up!


Resources about text variables

Want more help getting to grips with text variables? Check out these awesome articles on our Help Center:

* How to add variables – a beginner's guide to using variables for your logic and calculations, including how to use text variables.

* Find out how to send people to a certain page on your site based on the answers they give using text variables with Endings or Redirect on completion.

* How to use variables to create coupon codes – generate codes for your audience through the magic of text variables.


🗓 Table view


Have you noticed there's a new way of looking at responses to your typeforms? We've introduced a new table view in the 'Responses' section of the Results panel. Look for the little gray table icon, and click it to change the view.

Now, instead of seeing individual responses in a column down the left and clicking them to view their answers, the responses are organized into a table so you can get an easy overview of how each respondent answered each question. It's pretty hard to explain with words, so check out my demo below to see how it looks.

Table view is still in Beta at the moment so don't panic if you spot anything going weird (you can always switch back to the good ol' inbox view by pressing the gray button). We'd love to hear your feedback on the table view to help us improve it. 


You’ll find more info about Table View in our Help Center article about how to analyze your responses.


🔏 Support for SSO authentication


Enterprise customers rejoice! Single sign-on (SSO) authentication is now available with Typeform – making it easier and safer for your team members to log in to their account.

If you have an Enterprise account with Typeform and your company is using an identity provider your IT team can now configure a SAML or OIDC protocol for you. This means that Typeform users in your organization will no longer need to manually log in in with their username and password every time.


If you are interested in setting up SSO authentication please fill out this typeform and we'll get back to you to explain how to get access:


You can also find more details about how to set up SSO authentication here on our Help Center


Hope you enjoy trying out these new features. As always, if you have any questions or feedback about any of it just let us know in the comments below!

¡Hasta la proxima!

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Thanks for these updates @Jo-Shan , I’m particularly looking forward to digging around with text variables :robot:  I was baffled by what you could do with this feature until you opened my eyes with your video. Super cool stuff. My brain is whirring. Well maybe not whirring, but at least it’s ticking, for once. 

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Hahaha thanks @James ! Im glad the examples helped:grinning:

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@Jo-Shan - there are some neat things in there with the Text variables.. i am already using some additional (i think) use cases - i need to go back to the redirect on completion though, as i could not get it to work last weekend when i was trying to do that exact thing.. will need to explore.. as this is really really good.. 

(now if only we could them in the “replace var1 with @recall_text_variable_2” context …..) 


more later after i, like @James. finish digging in



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That’s great, @john.desborough ! Let us know if it works well for your use case re: redirects with text variables.  :relaxed:

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Super helpful @Jo-Shan ! These product digests are so clutch, thank you for putting it together for the community :crown:

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Hello everyone :sun_with_face: for the benefit of those who missed it, we dived into some of these new features in our latest Office Hours event, which you can rewatch by checking out the recording here:



@picsoung gave us a great demo of how to make a “let me Google that for you” solution using the new text variables feature which blew away the crowd (myself, @Liz  and @john.desborough ). We’ll run another of these events later this month, so look out for details coming real soon in the Events section  :eyes:

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That’s great, @john.desborough ! Let us know if it works well for your use case re: redirects with text variables.  :relaxed:

@Jo-Shan - just to follow up, after getting through all the resources you provided and the Office Hours with @picsoung @Liz and @James, as mentioned above, I’ve spent some time banging away at the text variables in the redirect and several other use cases. Including working through a ‘captcha-like’ scenario that worked very well (given the limited testing i did with it). 

I think this is going to be a huge addition to the toolkit for us as users and am now having the other voices in my head work through a number of potential workflows/use cases. 

Now i REALLY REALLY am looking forward to the ability to have the text variables able to be used to be in Replace functions like this: if answer =  A, then replace text_variable with ‘@other_text_variable + answer A’   and have it all set as a string variable for processing/parsing purposes, even if answer a is numeric.